Connecting with Coffee

Buddy Up Australia believe in providing connection and purpose to our members and immediate families of those who serve our country. We do that through fitness activities and volunteering opportunities. We also look for alternatives to alcohol consumption. That’s where coffee comes in!

Numbers Add Up!

Buddy Up Australia is extremely thankful to have the support of the Acute Accounting team. We have William Ayo (right) and Spencer Broad (left in picture above) checking that our numbers all add up. William has been providing in-kind support in the form of accounting advice since Dec 2018. 

Connection and Purpose

Buddy Up Australia’s aim is to provide connection and purpose to our members. Recently, we shared this vision at the 2020 Veteran Wellbeing Summit, thanks to Jacqui Van de Velde from Wellbeing Australia. Their theme was ‘action, Hope and transformation.’ Here is the podcast

Calm your mind!

Thanks to Integral, we have been invited to their 15 min weekly meditation session to get our zen on. Meditation seems like the new buzz word but it’s been around a long time, especially at Integral. They believe that calm leaders make better decisions which lead to more productive and