Where do I buy a vowel?

Where do I buy a vowel?

Buddy Up Australia has arrived! Although we registered with ASIC on 5th Feb 18 as a company limited by guarantee and ACNC on 9th Feb 18 as a charity, it was only this week that we received our DGR status with the ATO (effective 10th Jul 18). Acronyms have been swirling around us for the last six months as we started Buddy Up Australia. So, WTF do they mean and where do I buy a vowel?

Contrary to my initial belief, being a charity and offering tax deductible receipts for donations do not come hand in hand. In fact, the rules are very strict and we soon found out that it wasn’t that easy! Actually, we are glad it’s hard, perhaps because we made it through the necessary hoops, but also because it makes the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status even more significant. We are now one of the special charities who can receive donations and offer a tax deduction as a thank you.

Speaking of ‘thankyous’, hearty thanks must go to Breanna Murray at Australia Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) and also Suzanne Grobke at the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) for being extremely helpful and clear with their explanations. Also, a massive thank you to the wonderful sage, Rebecca Lambert Smith at Moores Lawyers and Solicitors in Melbourne. Rebecca left me speechless one day, which is highly unusual, because of her wonderful support. If you need legal advice, please seek out Moores.

Also, this incredible website and our cool logo are the sensational work of Jeremy Sweeting at Geographik. He is patient, professional and incredible at what he does. Massive THANK YOU Jeremy!!

So, if you are a serving or ex-serving person ie Australian Defence Force or emergency services, join up today to become a member of Buddy Up Australia. Alternatively, you can forward on to someone you know or donate now to show your support.

Megan Davidson



P.S. If you are unsure of the other acronyms, ASIC = Australian Securities and Investments Commission but go ask a buddy about WTF!

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