Numbers Add Up!

Numbers Add Up!

Buddy Up Australia is extremely thankful to have the support of the Acute Accounting team. We have William Ayo (right) and Spencer Broad (left in picture above) checking that our numbers all add up.

William has been providing in-kind support in the form of accounting advice since Dec 2018. 

Being a relatively new Not-For-Profit without any salaried staff, it was essential that we made sure that our finances were transparent and accurate. Acute came on board to support us and have been exceptional with their support and service to ensure we are squeaky clean.

Thanks to John Hillen at Taxforce, we also have another layer of compliance. John has just finished auditing our books for the second year in a row and is confident in our financial operations. Once again, this support is offered in-kind. 

Their support means that we can direct our expenditure to supporting our members and their immediate families.