Join the team at Buddy Up Australia, get involved with your local chapter and make a difference in your community.

Every chapter is run by a volunteer team leader, who has been trained by Buddy Up Australia. We are all about mateship and inclusion so if you like the look of an event in another chapter or are travelling, you are more than welcome to join in. Want to start a chapter in your own community? Get in touch.

We are a charity organisation and are about people, not profit, so we don’t want membership costs to get in the way of someone finding the support and community they need. We have set up three tiers of membership so you can choose based on what you are able to contribute right now.

All options include membership to your local chapter along with access to all events and member-subsidised activities.

Option 1


Gets you membership, and you’re willing to volunteer within your community alongside your chapter. Thanks in advance!

Option 2


Gets you membership, and you’ll be supporting Buddy Up Australia to continue our work, and of course, we’d still love you to volunteer!

Option 3


Gets you membership, a FREE T-shirt and the amazing feeling of knowing you are helping another service person. Look here to see what great stuff we are doing.

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