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Buddy Up Australia Chapter Physical Activities for Ex Service Personnel

Staying physically fit is a standard part of service life – but you don’t have to lose that just because you’re out. Your local chapter will help you get back into it, challenging you but also tailoring activities to suit any injuries.

Buddy Up chapters organise sporting activities like kayaking, mountain biking or hiking, hold fitness and yoga classes, go for team runs – any physical activities you and your buddies want to tackle.

Improve your sleep, maintain a healthy weight, boost your mood, manage stress and increase your general quality of life – get involved with your local Buddy Up chapter or contact us to start your own.


Buddy Up Get Involved with Volunteering Events & Activities Helping Others

Serve with purpose

Buddy Up provides a way for you to not just connect with other ex-service personnel, but to play a meaningful part in your community, volunteering for events and organisations where you can make a difference.

Volunteer at schools and local community groups, work with students or people with disabilities, run beach clean-ups, support struggling service personnel families, provide labour to people in need… by volunteering, you make a lasting impact on your community and the people within it.


Reconnect and build relationships

Know you are part of a team who have your back

Buddy Up Australia chapters run social activities to make room for building relationships between the members – and between all the physical fitness and volunteering, you need time to just relax and reconnect. Here, you are surrounded by people who understand where you have been and what you have seen. Grab a coffee, have a BBQ, watch the game, see a show and enjoy being part of a team again.


Want to get fit, become part of a team and serve your community with purpose?

Know someone who is doing it tough and would benefit from getting involved?

Seeing the effects of service on someone you love?

Click the button below to join up and become part of your local Buddy Up chapter.