I’m a member of the RSL, can I be a member of Buddy Up Australia too?

YES!! The RSL plays a fantastic role in supporting veterans and we complement each other. Our National Director is a member of the North Beach RSL in Western Australia. Buddy Up Australia extends our membership to those who serviced in our Police, Fire and Ambulance services too.

How does BUA differ from other ex-service organisations? 

Great question! There are a lot out there and sometimes it is like choosing what cereal to buy in the breakfast aisle. It’s good to have a selection so you can match your needs for the moment. Buddy Up Australia’s aim is to work with the other support organisations to assist members make sense of what is on offer. We have a list on our website (coming soon) that lists the major organisations and we are constantly looking at ways to work with them to support our members. 

What does Buddy Up Australia offer me as a member?

Connection and purpose through physical activities and volunteering activities. Every chapter is slightly different and it depends on the members what events are held but examples include everything from yoga, circuit classes, hikes, and rides to three week long treks to Nepal (check out our fundraising trek in Nov 2019). We will also being doing some volunteering activities to help our local communities. Once again, this will be driven by the local chapters with what they want to do. We are currently working on Operation Orchard with Kinross College to build and plant a mature orchard throughout their school. Our members will be working along students for this project.  We are working with the Australian Counselling Association of Australia to organise free counselling for our members. More to follow on that.  We are also running Grief Recovery sessions in Perth (and hope to expand this across the country). They help you to deal with some of the stuff you have experienced in your lifetime. Ask us for more details.

I was never injured or deployed overseas, can I still join?

Absolutely!!! If you signed the dotted line to serve in the ADF or the emergency services, then that’s fine by us. Who cares how many days you did? Not us. We care that you believe in what we are doing and want to help out in any way you can. 

I am injured and feel I might not be able to contribute to the volunteering activities. Is that ok?

Buddy Up Australia is about inclusion, and we believe everyone has strengths they can bring to the task at hand. Let us know what you can do and we can give you options to work within your abilities. We believe that by volunteering you will gain a sense of purpose and mateship with the team.

My partner served but I didn’t. Can I join up even if they don’t?

Absolutely!!! Buddy Up Australia believes that the family member has served alongside the serving member, hearing some of the battles and/or the silence along the way. It sounds like you feel a strong connection to our purpose so we would love you on the team.

I can’t see any activities where I live, what can I do?

Be patient as we grow and shoot us an email about potentially creating a chapter in your location. We can help you with this process. Check out our FB for events in other locations to give you an idea of what we are about but it’s up to the members in each chapter to determine what they would like to do. 

I’m FIFO so can’t make it to everything, is that ok?

Yes, Buddy Up Australia is perfect for FIFO workers (who are ex-serving personnel). Just turn up to whatever you can and RSVP accordingly. If we are expecting you, particularly for a volunteering activity, please give us as much notice as possible or better still, find a replacement. 

How do you manage my personal information?  

Refer to our privacy policy here.

Can I pay my membership or make a donation by bank transfer? 

Yes, you can. Please get in touch so we can send you our bank account details and know to look out for it to issue you a tax receipt. Our preference is for you to may a transfer through our webpage here because it reduces our overheads and more money goes to supporting our members. We are currently a fully volunteer organisation.  

I’m a volunteer emergency/military services member.  Can I still join take advantage of your support services?

Yes you can. 

I’d like to set up my own chapter.  How do I know if I’m eligible?

That’s great and we love your attitude! Get in touch with us and we will have a chat about what’s involved and then you can decide whether it’s for you. We may already be starting up a chapter in your area, so you may be able to support them and be a back-up. 

I have criminal record.  Does that affect my membership?

No. However, for our volunteering activities there are certain checks we do depending on the organisation we are supporting eg working with children and police checks. This may limit your involvement on the day but there is plenty of other ways you can provide support. Just ask us!

I have a current workers compensation claim, can I still join?

Definitely! Buddy Up Australia believes everyone has strengths they can bring to the task at hand. Let us know what you can do and we can give you options to work within your abilities. We’d like to see your Return to Work plan too.