Counsellors of the future enrolled

Counsellors of the future enrolled

The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) have generously donated three Diplomas of Counselling to our WA members. The WA recipients are a current serving policeman, an ex-firefighter and the spouse of a policeman. As such, they’ll bring their relevant life experience to their counselling role when they offer free counselling to our members in 2020. Seems far away, but blink and it’ll be here! In less than 5 weeks it’ll be 2019!

News Flash!! ACA and AIPC have just offered another three Diplomas for our QLD members and another three (only two left as one has already been snapped up) for NSW!! All up, that’s nine lucky members!! Such an amazing opportunity for members looking at changing their careers and supporting those who are serving or have served.

So, check out the Diploma of Counselling course requirements here.

Know someone who might be interested? Send them the news. If you’re interested and checked out the course requirements, get in touch for an application interview:

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