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Buddy Up Australia was created by ex-service personnel for current and ex-service personnel.

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The team at Buddy Up Australia believe that every person who has provided service in the military or emergency services has the right to feel valued and connected in their local community.

The effects of leaving the service can impact both physical and mental health and for some it is a big adjustment to life after service. We want to keep our buddies in the ‘well zone’ of mental and physical health.

Buddy Up Australia offers a way for people who have served their country, either domestically or overseas, to connect with like-minded people and feel that sense of purpose again. That’s through physical fitness and volunteering for worthwhile projects.

Founded in Perth, our goal is to run chapters Australia-wide which meet the needs of serving and ex-serving personnel just like us (police, fire, ambulance and military). Let’s keep our buddies in the well zone.

Through purposeful volunteering, physical and social activities, you’ll find a sense of purpose and gain a team of mates while contributing to your community.

The unique set of skills and abilities gained by serving our country and community, gives our current and ex-service personnel the capacity to help make our communities better, safer places to live – and you can be part of that.



We build healthy bodies and minds to contribute fully to our community


We respect others despite differences and build meaningful relationships


We commit to our purpose to help others and ourselves feel valued


We share our story to help others and ourselves and create solutions when faced with challenges


At Buddy Up Australia, our board is comprised of serving and ex-serving personnel, who are dedicated to helping our peers.

Jon Cuypers, Megan Davidson, Reuben Omaji, Julianne Gepp, Tina-Marie Innes (Joe Cuthbertson absent)

Tina-Marie Innes

Tina served 6 years in the Australian Regular Army, in both the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME), and the Royal Australia Army Pay Corps (RAAPC). Tina enlisted as an Avionics Technician where she discovered a fear of flying, so, especially after a near-drowning experience during a white-water rafting training exercise in Far North Queensland, she decided to avoid adventure wherever possible during the rest of her military career. Her new adventure is using her experience of over 20 years in risk management and strategic planning to help Buddy Up Australia grow and through this, help and support those who have provided service to us.

Tina is a passionate Fremantle Dockers supporter, so if you are a Perth local, you can find her cheering them on from the sidelines.

Jon Cuypers

Jon served as an engineer in the Australian Regular Army for 11 years. He received specialist training in the field of Military Engineering Management and  served in a variety of leadership roles both in Australia and the Middle East, specialising primarily in construction and project management. Upon leaving the ADF in 2011, Jon was awarded a Commendation by the Chief of Army for making a significant contribution to the integration of lessons learned by Australian and allied military forces into future Defence capability and force modernisation projects. Jon now co-owns a residential construction business called Start Right Homes, and a fitness business called LA Fit Studio.

Jon joined Buddy Up Australia to assist with the growth of the organisation and to improve benefits and opportunities for members. He also enjoys synchronised swimming and particularly the colourful outfits and sparkly bits.

Reuben Omaji

Reuben served 14 years in the Australian Regular Army, Royal Australian Infantry (RAINF) working predominantly in Darwin and Townsville. Reuben is currently the Leadership and Development Manager for Barminco Mining Contracting Company.

Reuben’s civilian experience has seen him work in the not-for-profit sector and the mining industry. He considers it an extension of his life purpose to give back to the community and Buddy Up Australia provides an outstanding platform to assist improving people’s quality of life.

Having previously attempted Olympic selection for boxing he is a fitness enthusiast and is always exploring and developing ways to test himself and challenge his mind.  Reuben loves spending time going on adventures and travelling with his twin sons and takes pleasure in travelling internationally.

Clint McDonald

A people-oriented and goal-driven professional with over 17 years’ experience in public-facing roles. Clint served five years with the Australian Army in a Mechanized Infantry Battalion (5/7 RAR). Upon completing service with the ADF, Clint returned to his home state and joined the Western Australian Police Force. His successful policing career spanned over 10 years operating throughout the state.

Clint currently works as a HSE Superintendent for an underground hard rock mining company where he operates internationally from many of his company’s satellite offices throughout Africa, India and Canada. He regularly commutes to the mine sites to provide leadership and support.

Clint is a committed family man with four children under the age of seven and his wife, who is still a current serving member of WA Police.

Garth Civil

One of the lucky few to have a job that is a passion, Garth has nearly 20 years of service as a career firefighter. During that time, he has seen how the job can create mental health stresses and understands the importance of assisting each other to stay healthy.

As a father of two awesome young men, Garth has had his own challenges affecting his mental health. He credits most of his resilience to his ability to always be actively doing things, particularly with friends.

When he’s not a firefighter, you’ll find Garth in a kayak or on the water participating with others in an event. The sense of belonging to a likeminded group gives him the impetus to continue on, even when the challenges seem insurmountable.

Julie Hackett

Julie served in the Australian Regular Army for 16 years in Signals Corps before transferring to the Royal Australian Air Force where she is still serving. She has deployed to Sinai, Iraq and Afghanistan in her 30 year career. Julie resides in Canberra and also contributes to the coordination of activities for the Canberra Chapter of Buddy Up Australia. In her spare time Julie loves to improve her culinary skills with specialist cooking classes, enjoys a fun run with friends and supports GWS in the AFL.

Julie joined Buddy Up Australia to help members of organisations she is proud to be a part of and that give to the community selflessly.

Mike Schuman

Mike served 8 years in the US Army Signal Corps with a brief stint attached to 1/1st Special Forces Group, Okinawa, Japan. It was during this time he discovered Australia during a training exercise and fell in love with the place. He originally enlisted as a Satellite Communications Systems Repairer and quickly went on to design and engineer end-to-end global networks for global Joint Services deployments. Mike also served as the Chief Information Officer of WA Police from 2014-2016.

Mike is also a musician from the age of 5 and went to college as a classical guitar major. He has performed with bands from jazz to heavy metal and performed in musical and improvisational theatre. Although he doesn’t perform these days, he still has a deep love of music.

With many years in technology and cybersecurity, he brings a wealth of knowledge about data protection and privacy to the organisation.

Megan Davidson

Megan served 11 years in the Australian Regular Army, Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME). Megan is a senior consultant and coach with Integral and a trek leader for Back Track Adventures, which have given her the capacity and support to launch Buddy Up Australia. She has seen the need for an organisation which helps current and ex-service personnel reconnect with their local communities, find a new purpose and avoid the mental impact of service. Experienced in both the Not for Profit and corporate sector, she also holds qualifications in business, training, leadership and project management. As the founder, Megan wants to see a member driven organisation where we look out for each other whilst undertaking fitness and purposeful volunteering activities and thus keeping everyone in the ‘well zone’ of physical and mental health.

Megan is an active person, spending her free time on activities like trekking, mountain biking and yoga.


Want to be part of a team who are connected, contributing and community-focused?

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